Don’t Be A “Girl-zilla”

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Many of us young women out there want to meet our “prince charming” or “knight in shining armor”, and some of us may think we have already met him.  For those of you who think you’ve found the man of your dreams and you’ve been dating for a while you’re probably wondering when he’s gonna ask you the “big one”.  Yes that’s right, that wonderful moment when he gets on his knee and asks you to be his wife. Waiting for this moment can be extremely difficult and it’s not always easy to be patient.  I know this because I’m waiting; yes that’s right, I’m waiting.  For a while I was really nagging my boyfriend and making him feel bad about not giving me an engagement ring.   I was being a “girl-zilla” instead of a “bride-zilla.” (That show is so ridiculous that it’s funny).  Anyway, I’ve realized now that I’m glad he hasn’t asked me to marry him yet.  I only want him ask me if and when the time is right.  My boyfriend keeps telling me to wait on the Lord and trust in Him, and I know that is what I need to do.  In the meantime, I’m trying to focus on doing things that are productive, on accomplishing goals, and on all the blessings I already have.  It’s hard to be patient, but I’m sure the rewards for it are well worth the wait. 

Girl Waiting