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Why is it so hard sometimes to finish things that we start?  It’s like one minute we’re totally stoked about something and then the next we’re so over it and on to the next thing.  I’m sad to say, but that describes exactly how my last few weeks have been.  Why am I sad you ask?  Well, through all of it I’ve learned a very hard, but good lesson that I hope to pass on to you.  I’ve realized that the joy and excitement you get from starting something new doesn’t bring full satisfaction until you’ve finished it.  If you go through your whole life just stopping and starting things instead of finishing them you’re only selling yourself short.  When I say this, I’m really talking to myself as well; Do yourself a favor and finish something you’ve started.  It may be hard to get through it, but the joy of completing it will far exceed any of the trials you came upon.

Betsey Johnson Cameo Bow & Pavé Heart Necklace

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This beautiful Betsey Johnson pave crystal heart and romantic bow pendant complete a layered-chain necklace that’s sure to turn heads.

Betsey Johnson Cameo Bow & Pave Heart Necklace Price: $50.00 

Dooney & Bourke ‘Chiara Medium’ Suede Bag

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This gorgeous hand bag has croc-embossed leather straps that buckle onto a rich suede tote cinched with a drawstring top.  It includes a magnetic tab closure, interior zipper and cell phone pockets, and a key hook.

Dooney & Bourke Hand Bag 


Price: $340.00 

Borba Gummies!!! Great Taste Meets Great For You

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These amazingly tasty gummies are fat-free, 100 percent vegetarian, and fun to eat.  They contain a bio-vitamin complex of açaí, green-tea, and grape-seed extracts that promise to increase your skin’s ability to absorb all the nutrients that help perfect your complexion.  The recommended six per day is easy for you to swallow since the taste is so good.

Borba Gummi Boosters   Price: $25 for 136, $10 for 40 Available at 

Barielle No Bite Pro Grow Is Great For Nail Bitters!

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Make a resolution this year to stop biting your nails once and for all. This clear, fast-drying nail treatment is filled with vitamins, conditioners, and strengthening ingredients to promote nail growth along with a strong bitter taste to stop chronic nibblers from eating away at their fingers. To break this horrible habit, apply a coat to your nails every other day.

Barielle No Bite Pro Grow Price: $15 Available at

Lancôme Absolue Ultimate Bx- The Latest and Greatest!!!

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The latest entry into the Lancome family is the technologically advanced anti-aging collection.  This new edition features super-moisturizing Pro-Xylane (which is a patent-pending molecule) combined with clarifying kojic acid and loads of other complexion-preserving ingredients to nourish dry skin while it pumps up radiance, strength, and smoothness. Lancome Absolue Ultimate Bx gives you beautiful skin and keeps it that way so that you have one less thing to stress about. 

Available at Absolue Ultimate Bx


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