Bad Food/Good Food

5:22 am Diet and Exercise

            It would be totally awesome if we could have some sort of switch that we could just flick that made us eat a balanced diet and like it, wouldn’t it?  I mean, we try so hard sometimes to stick to a diet or eat better, yet in the end it seems we’re always defeated.  For some your worst enemy might be a cookie or maybe it’s a piece of cake that makes you “weak in the knees” whatever it may be we all have our unique temptations  .  With it being the holidays and all, I wanted to prepare everyone (including myself) for the time of year where it’s almost impossible not to over-indulge yourself.  Oh yes, Thanksgiving was great and now it’s almost Christmas and you now feel like the stuffed turkey that was served at Thanksgiving.  After Christmas comes New Years celebration and of course the famous old New Years resolution to lose weight, exercise, and eat better.  Then the whole cycle starts all over again year after year, and you’re left unhappy and unsatisfied year after year.  I have discovered the key to stopping this “yo-yoing” up and down.  What we need to do is not cut out everything that is bad for you completely, but to use moderation and smaller portions when it comes to any food we eat.  If you’re still hungry after one small serving and a glass of water go ahead a get another small serving if you want.  When we deprive ourselves of the things we enjoy the usual outcome is over-indulging.  Why deprive yourself completely when you can have a small piece of that cake you love and still look good in that tight dress?  Moderation and portion control along with exercise are keys to your success!  Good luck!!!    

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