One Man & One Woman Under One God… YES ON 8!!!

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I was searching the web today and found this definition of marriage on Google: “the state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life (or until divorce)”.  This definition is actually one of the many you can find on Google, Wikipedia, or the plain old dictionary.  In my opinion there is one place where you can find true meaning of what marriage means, and that place is in the bible.  The bible clearly states that marriage is to be between one woman and one man with God reigning over them both.  We are under attack with Proposition 8 endangering this precious gift of marriage God has given to us.  We need to make a stand and vote Yes on Proposition 8 so that we can protect the covenant of marriage.  We should not change what God has already made good.  Please join me in voting Yes on Proposition 8.  God Bless.                                                     Bride and Groom 

Girl Talk Nation Community!!!

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You know, today I realized that I haven’t written a blog for a while about how GTN (Girl Talk Nation) Community is doing, so here is an update on how things have been.  I am pleased to say that I have quite a few girls on the site and it is still growing.  I’m hoping that this new school year will bring many new girls to join this site I’ve created just for them.  I’m also really excited because this year I will have more time to work on GTN.  I will constantly be working on making GTN Community the best it can be with updates and blogs posted weekly and of course I will always do my best to respond to all the comments and messages sent to me.  I have a strong passion for encouraging young girls to trust in the Lord and to build strong friendships with other girls.  I look forward to seeing GTN Community continue to grow and I welcome any girls or young women who want to become a part of the GTN family.                                                                                                                                                Two School Girls 

Are You Safe?

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I was watching the news today and to my horror I heard a story about a young girl who was brutally attacked and raped while walking home.  I feel like every time I turn on the news there’s another story about a woman being abused or raped.  It’s so sad that we can’t even walk around our own neighborhood anymore without constantly looking over our shoulder to make sure we’re safe.  I’ve been seriously considering taking some self defense classes to teach me some moves in case I ever need them. (God forbid I ever have to use them though.)  I don’t think we need to be paranoid about it, but we should definitely be smart and not put ourselves in vulnerable situations.  We need to know the right way to react in a scary situation like this and the wrong way so we don’t make critical mistakes.  

Scared Woman

Love Is In The Air

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It’s hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  I’m sure many of you have a special someone in your life whom you know is going to get you a Valentine’s gift.  Have you thought about what you want to get for your special someone?  What is it that would show your valentine just how much you care about them?  To help you out I decided to put a little list together that might give you some great ideas for your sweet heart.   

  1. Surprise him with romantic notes that eventually lead him to a special gift. (ex: new watch, homemade dinner, etc)
  2. Treat them to a day of pampering. (ex: relaxing massage at a spa)
  3. Go out to a candle light dinner.
  4. Create a hand-made card with a special note inside.
  5. Serenade him with a special love song or poem that you wrote for him. 

Wheres The Love???

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Do you ever have a day where you just feel horrible about yourself and are all depressed?   Well I do, and if you’re human or a woman then the answer is probably yes.  When you have days like this it can be pretty difficult to get past all those negative thoughts, but I’ve found there is something you can do to help.  The next time you’re feeling down try surrounding yourself with friends or family even if you really feel like being alone.  Surrounding yourself with others helps to take your mind off of negative thoughts and on to more positive things that can turn your day and mood around.Send in the clowns 

Healthy Food Is Too Expensive!!!!

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Is it just me, or are the prices of just about everything on a continuous rise?  Well, the truth is I know it’s not just me because I’m not the only one complaining about prices.  Everywhere I turn I hear someone talking about how they can’t believe they had to pay so much for this or that.  Lately I’ve noticed a significant rise in the prices of food at the grocery stores which does not sit well with me at all.  Being a woman, I usually like to eat somewhat healthy so I can keep my “girlish” figure in check (if you know what I mean).  If I ate Taco Bell or Burger King all the time I might save some money, but I’d also be extremely unhealthy and probably overweight.  Something needs to be done soon so that everyone can afford to eat healthy.   

Healthy Food

Real Chicken??? Or Clone Chicken??? Hmmmmm…….

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Right now there is a huge buzz going on about whether or not people would eat meat or drink milk from cloned animals. You know, I’m not exactly sure what all the pros and cons are when it comes to cloning animals, but what I do know is that I’m not for it.  Now wait a minute, before anyone goes crazy on me I’m not exactly sure if it’s really bad or not.  As for my own personal preference, I am definitely going to stick to REAL chickens and REAL cows.  So what about you?  Would you eat cloned animals?  What are your concerns, if any, about cloning?Cloning Cartoon 

We’ve Only Just Begun….

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As you have probably figured out on your own GTN is still in it’s construction phase. Every day me and my team will be working to make this site the best it can be. Keep checking in to see what’s new and feel free to make suggestions about what you’d like to see here at Girl Talk Nation. I look forward to the future of GTN and hope that it will be a great encouragement and guiding light for girls and women all over the world.

Hope to hear from you soon, Kelly

Welcome to Girl Talk Nation!

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Hello to all of you beautiful young ladies and women out there! Yes, you heard me right I did call you all beautiful. Beauty is so much more than just looks, and it is NOT defined by how much you weigh, your age, skin, hair, or eye color. If you believe beauty is defined this way, then someone is a little ignorant (and I think you know who you are, but I’m not worried I know someday you’ll see the truth). Anyway, I’m so excited to finally have up and running! This is a site where any girl or woman (starting at age 16) can come and share their thoughts, ideas, dreams, hardships, questions, etc about beauty, self-image, exercise, relationships, fashion, etc. You can post a question or you can post an answer to someone else’s question. You can also give advice on something maybe you’ve been through before to someone who’s struggling at this very moment. The goal of is to help you be the best you that you can be. Whether you need to work on changing the way you think, lose a few pounds, get some advice, or bare your soul (anonymously if you prefer) is here for you. Sincerely, 

Kelly, Founder of GTN