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Hello to all of you beautiful young ladies and women out there! Yes, you heard me right I did call you all beautiful. Beauty is so much more than just looks, and it is NOT defined by how much you weigh, your age, skin, hair, or eye color. If you believe beauty is defined this way, then someone is a little ignorant (and I think you know who you are, but I’m not worried I know someday you’ll see the truth). Anyway, I’m so excited to finally have GirlTalkNation.com up and running! This is a site where any girl or woman (starting at age 16) can come and share their thoughts, ideas, dreams, hardships, questions, etc about beauty, self-image, exercise, relationships, fashion, etc. You can post a question or you can post an answer to someone else’s question. You can also give advice on something maybe you’ve been through before to someone who’s struggling at this very moment. The goal of GirlTalkNation.com is to help you be the best you that you can be. Whether you need to work on changing the way you think, lose a few pounds, get some advice, or bare your soul (anonymously if you prefer) GirlTalkNation.com is here for you. Sincerely, 

Kelly, Founder of GTN

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